Task #42240

Make Eel usable outside of TYPO3 Flow

Added by Christopher Hlubek about 9 years ago.

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There is not much coupling to the Flow framework in Eel. To make it usable for any PHP project we have to remove TYPO3 Flow base classes and provide interfaces for tightly coupled implementations.

After a first analysis I figured out the following todos:

  • Implement standalone ObjectAccess for Context and PropertyOperation (getPropertyInternal and getPropertyPath)
  • Don't extend TYPO3\Flow\Exception in exceptions
  • Remove Package class and move Regexp to other type (e.g. EelEvaluatorInterface)
  • Provide an OperationResolverInterface and provide a non-Flow implementation (e.g. simple array configuration of operations)
  • Don't use UnitTestCase for unit test cases, think about way of removing getAccessibleMock

This should be everything to make the whole package usable without Flow and remove the composer dependency.

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