Feature #4277

Putting form fields in a partial causes error

Added by Irene Höppner over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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You often have the same form-fields in a new-template like in an edit-template. So I would like to put them into a partial which is used in the new-form and in the edit-form.
The form-tag itself would stay in the different templates.

So a partial could look like this:

<label for="titel">Titel/Tätigkeit:</label><br />
<f:form.textbox property="titel" size="70" id="titel" /><br />
<label for="personentage">Personentage:</label><br />
<f:form.textbox property="personentage" size="5" id="personentage" /><br />

Being included like this:

<f:form method="post" action="createOhneProjekt" object="{newAuftrag}" name="newAuftrag">
    <f:form.hidden name="kunde" value="{kunde}" />
        <f:render partial="auftragNewEditFormPart" arguments="{newAuftrag: newAuftrag}"/>    
    <f:form.submit value="Auftrag Anlegen" />

This results to the exception: #1243325768: No value found for key "F3\Fluid\ViewHelpers\FormViewHelper->formName"

Fluid-4277.patch View (1.64 KB) Sebastian Kurfuerst, 2009-08-31 15:29

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Revision beaa7a25 (diff)
Added by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 9 years ago

[+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core): Putting form fields in partial now works as expected. Resolves #4277.


#1 Updated by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 10 years ago

Please check if the attached patch solves the issue.

#2 Updated by Irene Höppner over 10 years ago

It works :-))


#3 Updated by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 10 years ago

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I'll fix this.

#4 Updated by Sebastian Kurfuerst almost 10 years ago

[mustfixthis] until book release

#5 Updated by Peter Niederlag almost 10 years ago

just ran into this one as well ...

#6 Updated by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 9 years ago

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create v5 selenium test

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commmitted in r4595 for v5, and r2359 in v4.

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