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IRC Channel for extbase

Added by Daniel Siepmann about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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The existing IRC-channel for TYPO3 is mentioned on the page
But there is another channel for extbase: irc://

Where should we mention this?

Should we add a paragraph on the same page?


Updated by Boris Hinzer about 8 years ago

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Please go ahead and add it to the page.


Updated by Den Denyer about 8 years ago

Perhaps mention:
  • #typo3
  • #typo3-flow
  • #typo3-neos
  • #extbase

The extbase channel kinda wants to be called #typo3-extbase, no? :)


Updated by Den Denyer about 8 years ago

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I went ahead and added content here:

Let me know if it's inappropriate or contains mistakes - or add further IRC channels if there are any!


Updated by Daniel Siepmann almost 8 years ago

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I don't know other channels.

The extbase channel in use was #extbase but it looks like the users are now in #typo3-extbase after the update.
So everything looks fine for me.
Thanks for the work.

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