Bug #45997

Allow extension owner to change repository URL

Added by Adrien Crivelli over 8 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Allow extension owner to change repository URL, so we can display where the code actually lives (github.com). I don't expect full integration with Redmine, but only the bare minimum: display the URL entered (as it is already done for SVN repositories).

See this thread on the mailing list, among several others arguments in favor of (very basic) github support.


Updated by Adrien Crivelli about 5 years ago

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While a specific field to enter the GitHub URL would still be nice, I gave up hopes. And a textual description in the project overview should be enough to direct users where the project actually lives.

@Michael, coud you please close this issue, since I can't do it myself.


Updated by Bastian Bringenberg about 5 years ago

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Closed as requested.

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