Bug #46210

securityContext->getParty() in the initializeObject() method of a session-Scope object throws exception on second request

Added by Benno Weinzierl over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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When i put the following code in a session-scope object and am logged in it works on the first request. But after reloading the same page this code throws an exception.

     * @Flow\Inject
     * @var \TYPO3\Flow\Security\Context
    protected $securityContext;

    public function initializeObject() {
        $loginUser = $this->securityContext->getParty();

The exceoption thrown:

#1358513802: The security Context cannot be initialized yet. Please check if it can be initialized with $securityContext->canBeInitialized() before trying to do so.

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Updated by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 8 years ago

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Hey Benno,

in order to properly debug your problem, I need some more input, more namely about what kind of session-scoped object it is, and
where it is needed from:
Is it a dependency of a controller, of a model class, of a Route Part Handler, ...?



Updated by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 8 years ago

The Security Context is only initialized inside the MVC Dispatcher, as it needs the Web Request.

Thus, you should try to initialize the $loginUser lazily, when you try to access it for the first time. I think this would already solve the issue.

Greets, Sebastian


Updated by Adrian Föder over 8 years ago

Maybe I even ran into a similar issue, where in my case a Widget gets woken up, leading into trouble with the DependencyProxy.
In \TYPO3\Flow\Security\Aspect\PersistenceQueryRewritingAspect::Flow_Proxy_injectProperties, the securityContext is created the following way:

        $this->securityContext = \TYPO3\Flow\Core\Bootstrap::$staticObjectManager->getLazyDependencyByHash('48836470c14129ade5f39e28c4816673', $securityContext_reference);
        if ($this->securityContext === NULL) {
            $this->securityContext = \TYPO3\Flow\Core\Bootstrap::$staticObjectManager->createLazyDependency('48836470c14129ade5f39e28c4816673',  $securityContext_reference, 'TYPO3\Flow\Security\Context', function() { return \TYPO3\Flow\Core\Bootstrap::$staticObjectManager->get('TYPO3\Flow\Security\Context'); });

but it looks like the closure's return again returns a Dependency Proxy.

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