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Global user interface

Added by Aske Ertmann over 7 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Global User Interface
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Global user interface

  • Target Audience: users who want to edit content
  • Responsible: Aske Ertmann
  • Implemented by: the whole Neos Team
  • Amount: not estimatable, not paid, done on voluntary basis
  • Version: must have for 1.0
  • Planned Implementation Timeframe: continuous work


In order to get a good user experience and a clean user interface, we need to improve the global user interface with thought through concepts and a more general styling.


To achieve a good and consistent user experience together with a consistent design and reused components/experiences across the whole backend.


  • Menu component
  • Navigate component
  • Top bar
    • User menu
    • Publish menu
  • Context bar
  • Inspector
  • Overlays
  • Breadcrumb
  • Search field/results
    • Commands
  • Notifications
  • Tips


Task #47024: OverlaysClosed

Task #48068: Menu componentClosedMattias Nilsson

Task #48071: Navigate componentResolvedAske Ertmann

Task #52789: Expand search field when activeClosed

Task #52790: Prefix remaining dynatree classes (drag'n'drop)New

Task #52791: Make the node tree collapsibleRejected

Task #52792: Remember tree stateClosedMarkus Goldbeck

Task #52793: Make new position selectable like with paste positionResolvedAske Ertmann

Task #52794: Sync context structure tree with node changesResolvedMattias Nilsson

Task #52795: Expand parents if current page is nested below initial max depthResolvedSebastian Kurfuerst

Task #52796: Only allow creation of allow subtypes of current node/parent nodeClosed

Task #53106: Make the Expand Level of the tree configurableResolvedMarkus Goldbeck

Task #54080: As a content editor I want to be able to move pagesResolvedBastian Waidelich

Task #55374: Context structure tree should automatically select newly inserted/pasted elementsClosed

Task #55376: Collapsible node treeClosed

Task #48075: Context barAccepted

Task #48076: Wireframe mode toggleAcceptedRasmus Skjoldan

Task #48077: Language selectionNewRasmus Skjoldan

Task #48078: Fullscreen mode toggleAcceptedSebastian Kurfuerst

Task #48079: Inline editor optionsResolvedSebastian Kurfuerst

Task #48240: Edit & preview menuResolvedRasmus Skjoldan

Task #48080: BreadcrumbAccepted

Task #49957: Selecting a parent element doesn't change the content breadcrumbNew

Task #48091: InspectorResolvedAske Ertmann

Task #48980: Parts of the Aloha Floating Menu should be integrated into the inspectorResolvedSebastian Kurfuerst

Task #48139: NotificationsResolvedRasmus Skjoldan

Task #48140: TipsNew

Task #48142: Search field/resultsNew

Task #48143: Include commands as search results.New

Task #48238: Alert user when logging out with unpublished nodesNew

Task #48239: Backend interface color distinctionNew

Task #48273: Enable JavaScript backend for modulesResolved

Task #48328: Rename JavaScript to new structureAcceptedAske Ertmann

Task #48329: Remove leftover window.T3New

Task #48333: Clean up Content/Application and Content/ContentModuleNew

Task #48334: (maybe) re-introduce "development mode indicator" in topToolbarTemplateNew

Task #48352: Aloha loading does not always work reliablyNew

Task #48356: !!! Fix JS buildResolved

Task #48357: get rid of window.EmberNewSebastian Kurfuerst

Task #48358: get rid of window.plupload, window.Chosen, window.AbstractChosen etc, window.GENTICSNewSebastian Kurfuerst

Task #48348: Rename Styling to new structureResolved

Task #52492: Page loaderResolved

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