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Different issues

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I think those issues are all present in tickets. Like the workspace issue, there is a ticket for that. For Wireframe and image editing too. So do we close this?


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"Sections don't show up reliably until you've got content in them." doesn't have a ticket.

"When you aren't in wireframe mode, you can just drag-n-drop elements to re-organize them. However, this feature isn't in wireframe mode. Instead, click "Inspect" in the lower left hand corner. You can rearrange the elements in there." not sure I understand what the actual problem is

"When you add a page, be sure to edit the nodepath in the right hand properties bar or you'll get some ugly urls. Neos doesn't seem to be automatically creating the nodepath based on the page name yet." #48146


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I think these things have been resolved


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