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Pages: Add all team members to the website

Added by Berit Hlubek over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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We have to add all team members to the website.
It should be at least the name and the position and it would be nice to also show a picture.

  • Create a NodeType to show a team member with name and picture
  • Maybe also show the location (country and city)
  • Would be more work but also more personal: also show a sentence next to each member, like in the conference speaker descriptions

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This ticket was free for the footer Layout ;-) Onepage section Nr. 10

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  • Assignee changed from Berit Hlubek to Rasmus Skjoldan

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  • Start date changed from 2013-05-20 to 2013-12-12

We should ignore the layout stuff in this ticket and get back to the original topic.
We should find a way to show all team members.

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