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Image of hosting sponsor at the bottom is not displayed

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In the footer we have the text "Hosting sponsor" and then should follow an image of one of the sponsors, inserted via JavaScript and loaded from typo3.org.

However, the image is not displayed.

In Firebug the JavaScript, which should be fetched from typo3.org, only shows:
"Seite neu laden, um den Quelltext zu holen für: http://typo3.org/fileadmin/t3org/images/FM-content/team-pages/server-team/sponsor-banners/sponsors.js?v2"
And reloading does not change that. Neither the image, nor the JavaScript sponsors.js are displayed in the list of files, which were loaded during a page load.

(Was already missing in MW 1.20; not caused by the update to 1.21. But I know that it worked once...)


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This is caused by adblocking tools like Adblock Plus. Thanks to François for pointing to that idea!

E.g. when Adblock Plus is installed, the image is not displayed. When Adblock Plus is not installed, the js file from typo3.org is loaded during page load, an a-tag is added directly below the script and the image displays fine.

More or less exactly, what an adblocker should do; not a bug on wiki.typo3.org.

Setting this to "On hold" so that I see it and remember it again when I check the next time; the issue is solved.

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