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Trouble login to two different typo3 6.1 instances

Added by Pascal Querner almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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I am having the problem with my Browser (tested Google Chrome, Version 27.0.1453.116 m) that when I want to login into two different backends of TYPO3 6.1 instances it wont let me login to the second instance.
When I try to enter my credentials (they fit, I have them in my keepass file and they work if i use them in another browser) I will just get redirected to the login page again. The cookies are set however. If I hit F5 i have to relogin, which will not work, just like the first time.

My other customers have different TYPO3 version running (4.5 and 4.3) and there wasnt any problem when I try to login to both BE with the same browser (different window).

If I however see the BE for a short moment it will kick me out again without a message. Sadly the other instance will bug out and say the session expired. If I enter my password it will disappear and I can work, for roughtly 10 seconds until the window pops up again. When I logout and relog to the instance it will not work. I have to clear browser cache and cookies - then it will work again - for one instance of course.

Now I have 2 local TYPO3 instances running, both 6.1 and it wont work. (XAMPP).

Could this be some kind of bug?
Tell me what info you need, I will reply as fast as possible.



Updated by Jigal van Hemert almost 8 years ago

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It sounds like you have a conflict with the cookies that are used for the BE login. By default a browser will associate them with the domain you work with.
If you have two instances on the same domain, but only on a different subdomain both instances will try to use the same cookie.

In these cases you can the cookie domain (global / backend / frontend) in the Install Tool to avoid such conflicts.

Does this apply to your situation?


Updated by Pascal Querner almost 8 years ago

Yes, I didnt thought of that. That could be it, unfortunately I dont know what to enter in the field "[SYS][cookieDomain]". Both of my test enviroments are on localhost/test1 and localhost/test2. Is there a workaround for such thing?


Updated by Alexander Opitz almost 8 years ago

in your host file you can add two domains mapping to and use virtual domains in apache config for both installations.

So, we can close this issue?

Btw.: I don't know if it works, but maybe use one as "localhost" and the other installation as "" (on linux you may also have the possibility to use "" and so on but it depends on the dirtribution).


Updated by Pascal Querner almost 8 years ago

Yes, this can be closed.
Thanks for the solutions.


Updated by Alexander Opitz almost 8 years ago

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