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Added by Toni no-lastname-given almost 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

Could have
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2014-07-18 (over 8 years late)
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don't get me wrong, i like the new look of 6 version but i made a
small change to log in screen with just CSS in dev tools and took a screenshot of it.

Some may like it, some may not. All in all i think this is more "modern"
and with current design trends.

Let me know what u think and if i can contribute in any way.


typo3_login.png (294 KB) typo3_login.png Toni no-lastname-given, 2013-08-26 10:32

Updated by Denis Zastanceanu almost 9 years ago

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Hi Toni,

the orange area above the form looks a bit like a notification box. If it's still on a table we could discuss it when you get a free minute.



Updated by Ben van 't Ende about 8 years ago

Reminded Toni of the issue.


Updated by Ben van 't Ende about 8 years ago

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Updated by Toni no-lastname-given about 8 years ago

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Hey guys, sorry i did not update...

@Denis: It is on the table, it will always be, i want to contribute if i can. Please contact me in any form so we can discuss it more.

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