Bug #51972

Joins for every deep property constraint make cartesian selection

Added by Adrian Föder about 8 years ago.

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When it comes to property lookups as in

    $query->contains('categories.posts', $firstPost),
    $query->equals('categories.approved', TRUE)

there are LEFT JOINs for both constraints each, resulting in something like

SELECT e FROM Acme\Post e
LEFT JOIN e.categories categories0
LEFT JOIN e.categories categories1
WHERE ?1 MEMBER OF categories0.posts
AND categories1.approved = ?2

This, at the end, likely resulted into unpredicted
matches because it would match those Posts where
a category having approved = false is involved in
the post in question, as long as this category belongs
to an (arbitrary) Post having any category approved = true.

Consider the following testing code:

public function complexQueryWithJoinsMakesCorrectConjunctions() {
    $postEntityRepository = new PostRepository;

    $notApprovedCategory = new Category();
    $approvedCategory = new Category();

    $firstPost = new Post;
    $firstPost->setTitle('First Post');

    $secondPost = new Post;
    $secondPost->setTitle('Second Post');

    $thirdPost = new Post;
    $thirdPost->setTitle('Third Post');


    $query = new Query('TYPO3\Flow\Tests\Functional\Persistence\Fixtures\Post');
            $query->contains('categories.posts', $firstPost),
            $query->logicalNot($query->equals('Persistence_Object_Identifier', $this->persistenceManager->getIdentifierByObject($firstPost))),
            $query->equals('categories.approved', TRUE)
    $this->assertEquals(0, $query->count());

The intention is to find all Posts which have the same
approved category as the First Post. In the shown example,
the First Post shares an unapproved category with the
Second Post, and the Second Post shares an approved category
with the Third Post.
The query gives a single result which is the Second Post, but
this is not correct since the Second Post does only share an
unapproved category with the First Post which was asked for.
The Second only "coincidentally" also is involved in an
approved category with the Third Post.

A fix is under review at https://review.typo3.org/#/c/23751/

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