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Switch from Chosen to Select2

Added by Dominique Feyer almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Replace the current Chosen with Select2 or Chosem, to add support for Icon, and more advanced select.

Or maybe: https://github.com/iest/Chosem


#1 Updated by Aske Ertmann almost 6 years ago

Even though an Ember implementation is available I think we should be careful about choosing this option. It does of course make it easier to integrate with Ember, but the quality and features are far from that of Chosen. And we're now moving from Chosen to Select2, because the feature set of Chosen is too limited. If we go with the Ember option I'm certain that we will find quite some issues we'll have to fix ourselves, e.g. browser issues, styiling issues etc. Also we'd have to extend it and overwrite stuff and add features ourselves..

So personally I think Chosem is not really a viable option as it is currently.

#2 Updated by Dominique Feyer almost 6 years ago

I agree, and currently prefer to build a ember wrapper for Select2

#3 Updated by Sebastian Kurfuerst almost 6 years ago

agreed, Select2 is currently the most viable option

#4 Updated by Philipp Hanebrink almost 5 years ago

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