Feature #54637

"New site" should generate Public resource folder by default

Added by Chr is almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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After creating a new site (e.g. ABC.Xyz) with Neos GUI backend there is no folder


As this is a common necessity, Neos itself should generate this folder by default.


#1 Updated by Chr is almost 6 years ago

The symlink pointing from Web folder there should be created as well on creation of a new site:

/path/to/htdocs/_Resources/Static/Packages/ABC.Xyz/ -> /path/to/TYPO3-Neos/Packages/Sites/ABC.Xyz/Resources/Public

#2 Updated by Chr is almost 6 years ago

The reason the symlink is not found in htdocs subfolder
is due to the fact that I copied contents of Web folder
to my htdocs (= WebRoot) folder.

Therefore the symlink actually WAS created, but in the
unused TYPO3-Neos/Web folder - which is why it did not
show up in htdocs folder.

I copied Web folder contents to htdocs in the process
of installing Neos.

This is the folder structure I have:

/path/to/htdocs              <-- WebRoot AND DocumentRoot

I don't know how to tell Neos that it should use

/path/to/htdocs              <-- WebRoot AND DocumentRoot

instead of


for generating anything (e.g. the symlink).

Thats a detail the installation guide is lacking.
The guide speaks about directory setup in combination
with own virtual host only, leaving out the shared
environment scenario where you have
e.g. the PHP/FastCGI + vhost without admin rights
by default.

There is a related inconsistent behaviour I noticed:

Neos creates the symlink in folder


for my newly created Site, but stores the symlinks
for the uploaded images from Neos GUI in



This is surprising for the user. Is this an
inconsistency or a feature for a particular reason?

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