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BE Module for viewing the log records

Added by Sander Leeuwesteijn over 8 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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I'm surprised none of the features mention a BE module in which we can view the log records, search through them, sort them, filter, etc.

The manual states it as missing, but i think it's kind of a critical feature for when database logging is used.


Updated by Steffen Müller about 8 years ago

It is mentioned in the project description in the chapter "What's missing":
"Enhance the usability of the BE log module"
Indeed, usability is far from a precise term for this.

I am sorry but I can't provide a backend log module by myself. If you like to to push the TYPO3 project forward, please provide patches to make the BE log module compatible.

You could ask Ingo Renner irnnr for the @log extension key if you feel like contributing a new log backend module.


Updated by Steffen Müller about 6 years ago

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This subproject is going to be closed. If you think this issue is still valid, please open a new issue in the core project

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