Bug #58308

Link from Neos login page to license page on .org results in 404

Added by Rasmus Skjoldan over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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The Neos login screen has a "Click for details" text linking to http://typo3.org/about/licenses/ which results in a 404.

I'm not totally sure where on .org /about/licenses should redirect. Maybe this is also linked to from other places than the Neos login screens?



Bug #58375: recreate a central licenses pageRejectedBoris Hinzer2014-05-01


Updated by Aske Ertmann over 7 years ago

The link is the same on all TYPO3 CMS login screens as well.


Updated by Roland Schenke over 7 years ago

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Thanks a lot!
Something we have overseen. ;-)

As a hotfix I re-enabled that site and checked its contents with the new version.
We now have a seperate page for each product. Since the license pages are nearly identical, except for the GPL Version, I'll open a new ticket with a proposal for removing that redundancy.


Updated by Roland Schenke over 7 years ago

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A strategy has to be developed as http://typo3.org/licenses and http://typo3.org/about/licenses/ are crucial to all TYPO3 products.


Updated by Boris Hinzer over 7 years ago

IMHO we could do the following:
  1. Reactivate old Licenses Page and move this to the old position /about/licenses
  2. Add a sentences like "Please notice the addtional / different licenses for each products: ..." and link them to the product license pages.

If the old license page only mathes TYPO3 CMS, we should create a landing page at the old position pointing to each product pages.


Updated by Daniel Siepmann about 7 years ago

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The issue was migrated to JIRA: https://jira.typo3.org/browse/ET-13

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