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Move "Downloads" page under new Product "TYPO3 CMS"

Added by Ernesto Baschny about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I have clicked through the new navigation and content of the editorial relaunch: Amazing work, thanks a lot, it feels smooth, makes sense and is a huge improvement to what we had before. Thanks for that!

One page which was somehow forgotten was the "Downloads" link:

Currently a "top level" menu entry, but it's content is completely TYPO3 CMS.

So I suggest to:

a) move the whole content to a subpage of the newly created product page "TYPO3 CMS" (

b) create similar pages under the products Flow and Neos (which only contain links to and

c) keep the top level "download" page, but only provide a link to the three pages.

The other pages below the Download currently:

1) Release Notes: could get a dedicated menu directly under "TYPO3 CMS" (right after or before "Roadmap")

2) Getting Started, Core Documentation, TypoScript Reference are currently just links to external documentation. In my eyes these don't need to be in the navigation, but could be part of an editorially renewed "Download" page (which is already being discussed in #48097).

Keep in mind that if you change this, the TYPO3 CMS Release Team still needs to maintain it's information, so that the permissions should be considered.


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