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I thought it might be nice to be able to set a page title.




Mode has three potential values:
replace - overwrite the existing page title. This is the default.
append - add the value to the end of the existing title
prepend - add the value to the beginning of the existing title

glue is the string to use if the value is append or prepend.

display has two potential values:
none - meaning the viewHelper renders nothing in the template.
render - means that the tag will render it's children. This way you could use it in the context of an h1 tag like this:

<h1><f:page.title display="render">{blog.title}</f:page.title></h1>

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#1 Updated by Thomas Deinhamer almost 10 years ago

Tried it out and works well. Just had to figure out, that
it only works with the default title generation of TYPO3
and this includes an ugly ':' (Doppelpunkt) after the title.

But this viewhelper is a really nice addition!

#2 Updated by Thomas Deinhamer almost 10 years ago

Some additional info which I just googled for some time.

To teach 'indexed_search' which title to display in the
Search results list, one can tell it by setting it via:

$GLOBALS['TSFE']->indexedDocTitle = $newTitle;

So in my simple case I just added this little line
to the viewhelper, and now the indexed search will
also display nice titles for pages which act as a
single/details page, displaying product, news, etc. data.

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#5 Updated by Lorenz Ulrich almost 8 years ago

+1 for this to go into a Fluid release. Are there any chances if I push this to Gerrit?

#6 Updated by Florian Michel over 5 years ago

This feature is already implemented in FedExt 'VHS', see:

Also available in: Atom PDF