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I thought it might be nice to be able to set a page title.




Mode has three potential values:
replace - overwrite the existing page title. This is the default.
append - add the value to the end of the existing title
prepend - add the value to the beginning of the existing title

glue is the string to use if the value is append or prepend.

display has two potential values:
none - meaning the viewHelper renders nothing in the template.
render - means that the tag will render it's children. This way you could use it in the context of an h1 tag like this:

<h1><f:page.title display="render">{blog.title}</f:page.title></h1>

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#1 Updated by Thomas Deinhamer over 9 years ago

Tried it out and works well. Just had to figure out, that
it only works with the default title generation of TYPO3
and this includes an ugly ':' (Doppelpunkt) after the title.

But this viewhelper is a really nice addition!

#2 Updated by Thomas Deinhamer over 9 years ago

Some additional info which I just googled for some time.

To teach 'indexed_search' which title to display in the
Search results list, one can tell it by setting it via:

$GLOBALS['TSFE']->indexedDocTitle = $newTitle;

So in my simple case I just added this little line
to the viewhelper, and now the indexed search will
also display nice titles for pages which act as a
single/details page, displaying product, news, etc. data.

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#5 Updated by Lorenz Ulrich over 7 years ago

+1 for this to go into a Fluid release. Are there any chances if I push this to Gerrit?

#6 Updated by Florian Michel about 5 years ago

This feature is already implemented in FedExt 'VHS', see:

Also available in: Atom PDF