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More Details for Apache2 "prefork" setup?

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Hello evererbody,
I just wanted to setup a Ubuntu 7.04 vmware image with apache2 and php6 to test the framework.
I got everything run, but The Framework doesn't worked. The spl_autload_register didn't register any classes. :-(

I found out that the apache2 was installed as a apache2-mpm-worker (multithreaded).
After apt-get remove apache2-mpm-worker and apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork
it worked. Yuhu! :-D

So perhaps somebody of you can add some more details about the installation process. I think it could help other developers, too.

Have fun on T3CON07
I'm sorry that I can't be there ;-)


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Well, the guide says in the part "The absolute basics" (chapter 1): Apache Webserver, either 1.3.x or 2.x. If you use the 2.x branch, make sure to install the prefork variant. Since systems vary too much, we cannot go into more detail here.

The wiki points out the prefork worker, too.

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