Bug #726

Logged in as someone else...

Added by Ingmar Schlecht over 13 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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For some strange reason I was just logged in as "inshadow" in forge instead of "ingmars". I don't have any clue how that happened or how to reproduce it, I was definitely didn't do anything special.

Step by step:
- I was already logged in to typo3.org
- I went to the v4 Core Team project on forge, then clicked on "Sign in" in forge
- various redirecting lead me straigt to the forge start page, logged in as "inshadow"
- I only had the rights of the "inshadow" user instead of the rights of the "ingmars" user on forge
- I logged out of forge again and logged in with ingmars again, and now it worked correctly...

Lets see if this appears again...

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