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Design generic error message screen for TYPO3 frontend

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There are situations in which TYPO3 is just not correctly configured, not site has been defined, no root node is found or some other fundamental error occurs. Currently TYPO3 or FLOW3 will just throw an exception and display the message with its built-in exception handlers (see screenshot).

For TYPO3 we need a well-looking and friendly error page. We need a design for this, implemented as HTML / CSS which allows for displaying the following information:

  • error message (short), something like "No Site Defined"
  • error code, e.g. 1247043365
  • description, e.g. "Currently your TYPO3 installation seems to have no site defined, please create one by using the Manage Content module."
  • a help icon / link which points to a wiki or online manual with further information

Please create this as a self-contained HTML file with inline CSS because we can't be sure that the templating system or resource management works when an error must be displayed.

T35ui-Error-Wireframe-Intern.png View (211 KB) Jens Hoffmann, 2010-05-08 15:34

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Internal Error Message as Wireframe.

For more infos look here #7551

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