Bug #7726

model kickstarter doesn't accept comma seperated model names

Added by Soren Malling about 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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TurtleJoe:flow3 sorenmalling$ ./flow3 kickstart controller PhotoDatabase Album,Photo
+ .../Packages/Application/PhotoDatabase/Classes/Controller/AlbumController.php
+ .../Templates/Album/index.html
+ .../Packages/Application/PhotoDatabase/Classes/Controller/PhotoController.php
+ .../Templates/Photo/index.html
TurtleJoe:flow3 sorenmalling$ ./flow3 kickstart model PhotoDatabase Album,Photo
+ .../Packages/Application/PhotoDatabase/Classes/Domain/Model/Album,Photo.php

Using comma seperated value when creating controller works perfectly, but using comma seperated values in model creates a file name [commaseperated values].php (as seen above)


Updated by Soren Malling about 11 years ago

The same issue is present when creating repositories


Updated by Karsten Dambekalns over 10 years ago

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Well, the documentation doesn't say this is supposed to work, and how could it? You would probably never want to have the same properties for multiple models. The Getting Started tutorial says:

The syntax is @./flow3 kickstart model PackageKey ModelName propertyName:type propertyName:type ...@

Thus having one command per model makes sense, no? For controllers specifying multiple names at once is possible, since they need no further input to be created.

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