Bug #78250

Database analyzer can't create table with dbal in native mode

Added by Nicole Cordes over 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Database API (Doctrine DBAL)
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Following steps should be necessary to reproduce the problem:

1) activate dbal
2) install news extension

expected result:
news should be installed and database tables should be generated

actual result:
no tables are generated

Go to Install Tool and run the database analyzer. it will show the necessary tables for news. Trying to execute those gives error message "Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'C' at line 1".

After having a look into dbal I found the problem. \TYPO3\CMS\Dbal\Database\DatabaseConnection::admin_query expects the CREATETABLE type to return an array. Instead a string was return but $string0 was taken as sql query.

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Task #68401: Consolidate SqlParser.php Closed 2015-07-20

Associated revisions

Revision 3b7e6042 (diff)
Added by Nicole Cordes over 3 years ago

[BUGFIX] Handle different result types in dbal

Due to multiple SQL compilers the return type is mixed between strings
and arrays. To be able to run both the
\TYPO3\CMS\Dbal\Database\DatabaseConnection::admin_query should care
about arrays.

Resolves: #78250
Releases: 7.6
Change-Id: Ib9b3e8cb3d98e4556257331a720aeaa49db0b2cd
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