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Epic #79474: Migrate all OpenVZ hosts to KVM

srv106: migrate api.typo3.org

Added by Steffen Gebert almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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The doxygen based API docs need to be moved away.

Benni said this might be co-located with some documentation stuff.. still not sure, if this is needed an frequently used. We should check the access logs.


#1 Updated by Steffen Gebert over 2 years ago

Do we need and want the site at all? Could we maybe just shut it down?

Comments welcome.

#2 Updated by Christian Kuhn over 2 years ago

please drop. there is little point in this 'browsable api' in 2017 anyway.

#3 Updated by Markus Klein over 2 years ago

+1 to remove this!

Any (also free) IDE is capable of autocomplete nowadays from source, including showing inline docs.

#4 Updated by Steffen Gebert over 2 years ago

btw the repo for the site is on gerrit in Documentation/ApiTypo3Org

#5 Updated by Steffen Gebert over 2 years ago

Public usage statistics can be seen here in piwik

Also available in: Atom PDF