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Dear Ext Coordination team,

last year already I tried to contact Dmitry who is the author of the following extension:


The extension has not been updated since more than 10 years, namely since 2006.

Together with a colleague, I developed a nice RTE add on using the internal key "rte_plus".

Apart from other still planned additional features, we added a functionality similar to the "track changes" option know from (Microsoft) Word.

I think, it would be a neat feature for others as well. That's why I thought it might be great to be able to use the key "rte_plus".

Up until now I wrote 3 emails to the author but have not received any answer or signal yet. I know I should send 6, but I doubt the next 3 emails will change anything about that seemingly abandoned extension. :)

My question: Is there a way to transfer the key into my ownership?

Kind regards

P.S.: I hope, creating a ticket here is the right way to do this. Otherwise I'm happy to submit my question somewhere else...


#1 Updated by Jochen Rieger over 3 years ago

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#2 Updated by Jigal van Hemert about 3 years ago

Extension key is transferred to you. The owner didn't respond and his last activity on his account was about 10 years ago.

Have fun with creating new versions of the extension!

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#4 Updated by Jochen Rieger about 3 years ago

Dear Jigal, thanks a lot for taking care!

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