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Reliably upgrade TYPO3 (patch/ release updates) from command line (cli)

Added by Sybille Peters over 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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My current problem:

Continually enhancing Upgrade mechanism for TYPO3 patch update (m.m.a >> m.m.b) from command line and still running into problems.

Current Upgrade Mechanism
  1. replace symbolic link to TYPO3 Source
  2. clear PHP OpCache
  3. (typo3_console)./typo3cms cache:flush --force

this will result in the followinng:

problem on upgrade 7.6.15 to 7.6.16:

Oops, an error occurred!
Could not analyse class: "TYPO3\CMS\Extensionmanager\ViewHelpers\ReloadSqlDataViewHelper" maybe not loaded or no autoloader? Class TYPO3\CMS\Extensionmanager\ViewHelpers\ReloadSqlDataViewHelper does not exist

This could be fixed by clearing - once more - the PHP OPCache.

Alternative and more brutal methods were tried, among which were some of the following steps:

  • rm typotemp
  • rm typo3temp/Cache
  • use coreapi: cacheapi:clearsystemcache
  • or cacheapi:clearallcaches
  • use typo3_console without --force: ./typo3cms cache:flush

I ran into problems with TYPO3 6 and TYPO3 7 (didn't try TYPO3 8). With TYPO3 4.5 there were no problems whatsoever - ever.

On Updates a number of about 150 TYPO3 installations were updated. Usually the mechanism worked quite well, but still it is not 100% reliable.

My wishlist

  • document recommended way for upgrading from command line on typo3.org
  • integrate command line tools (i.e. typo3_console, coreapi into TYPO3 core)
  • make command line tools and configuration for TYPO3 a priority

Hints from others

Searches for this topic: the answers where ambiguous: e.g. TYPO3 slack: #cig-deployment:
2 answers on the question:

  • "for a 7.6 I suggest to use typo3_console :typo3cms cache:flush --force will do the job"
  • "But should be avoided to not step into race conditions. typo3cms cache:flush is usually enough."


Any help is really appreciated.



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For me this is no longer relevant as I no longer ran into problems for quite a while.

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