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Organize WebCoffee Meeting (online)

Added by Roberto Torresani over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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2017-04-30 (over 4 years late)
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Updated by Maurizio Morini over 4 years ago

Roberto, io sono disponibile. Come pensavi di procedere?


Updated by Riccardo De Contardi over 4 years ago

In cosa consiste? :)


Updated by Roberto Torresani over 4 years ago

L'idea nasce da un suggerimento di Olivier durante l'incontro di Milano.
Si tratta di un incontro virtuale (in conferenza), magari davanti ad un caffè, in cui trovarsi per fare quattro chiacchiere e vedere se ci sono punti su cui si può far crescere la community.
Sto lasciando passare tutte le festività del mese e nei primi giorni di maggio lancierò un doodle per trovare la data e i partecipanti.
Il primo incontro sarà principalmente una chiacchierata. Se la formula piace e può funzionare vedremo di pianificare eventuali nuove date e attività da fare assieme

The idea came from a suggestion by Olivier during the Milan meeting.
It is a virtual meeting (conference), maybe in front of a coffee, where we can make some talk and see if there are any points on which to grow the community.
I'm wainting the holidays of this month and in the early days of May I will launch a doodle to find the date and the participants.
The first meeting will be a chat. If we like the formula, we'll plan a new date and activities to do together


Updated by Maurizio Morini over 4 years ago

Perfect. If do you need some help, I'm available.


Updated by Rino Razzi over 4 years ago

The WebCoffee Meeting could work.
We should think of the best frequency (every month?) and duratione (half an hour?) to have the higher number
of people attending.
If the frequency is too high and the meeting too long, there is the risk that people will not attend.

Maybe we also should think of a subject for each meeting. Something easy, the right topic to be discussed during a coffee break.

An other idea could be to set up a doodle before each meeting to ask people which topic they would discuss.


Updated by Maurizio Morini over 4 years ago

I think that frequency and duration are important things to consider.
I'd suggest that are also important the topics to discuss during the webcoffee.

I think that if we will choose the right arguments,
the people who attend the event, will remain tuned during the event
and they will be interested to attend also the next ones.

For me, interesting topics are:
- 8.7 new features
- 8.7 installations
- porting to 8.7


Updated by Riccardo De Contardi over 4 years ago

- 8.7 new features (how to fully configure the new cropping system)
- 8.7 new features (best practices for a new installation)


Updated by Roberto Torresani over 4 years ago

Interesting considerations.

The first meeting could be the pilot where discuss these points:
- frequency
- duration
- topics
- how to

In the doodle/survey in the early days of May I'll add your proposals to better organize the conference.
In the coming days we could add new ideas here and discuss it on slack

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