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Improvements on translation.typo3.org

Added by Preben Rather Sørensen over 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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I have no idea where to aim the following issues, but I take a shot and starts here

I’ve been involved in translation TYPO3 core and selected extensions for a few good years by now. As a self employed consultant selling TYPO3 solutions in Denmark, it’s important to me that I can deliver a CMS where the focus is on getting content online, smooth and easy. TYPO3 is a good choice :-)
But things are so much better, if things are available in native language - especially for (chief) editors and for administrators to some extend. So my focus has been on core and extensions that I’m using on daily basis, either by customers or for my own projects. The existing TYPO3 translation server suffer from a number of issues that makes it a bit troublesome to keep a good and secure workflow on the translation proces.

In general, the translation server (https://translation.typo3.org) works perfect, if you only need to translate or approve a small amount of labels. There is different filters, you can choose files, there is a good selection of short cuts, etc.

But on major translation work, troubles starts.

During the years, I’ve made notes on how I would like things should be. I’m involved translations Magento2 (@crowdIn) and Atlasssian SourceTree and CKEditor (@transifex), and some smaller OS software projects here and there. I’m also a humble guy, so take the list as suggestions to how it could be, and not a criticism of the existing server:

Need to have:
  • Download for local translation
  • Upload after local translation
  • Add new extensions to server by developer
  • Filters:

My selections (things that I translate)
Obsolete, TYPO3 versions
Core / Extensions
Needs work
Needs translation

  • Notification mails:

when new labels are added in core and extensions
when suggestions are made in core and extensions form “My selections”

  • A clear way to communicate:

Wiki on docs.typo3.org

On each core element and extension
On Terminology
On workflow, roles, translation rules, hoot, etc
A page for each Language team, maintained by the team administrators
Specifications for extension developers

Online meetings

Nice to have:
It would be great to integrate translation in TYPO3. A composer-installed version of a TYPO3 main version (7, 8, 9…) of own choice, where you can install and update the extensions from “My selection” and where you can translate labels directly in an overlay by selecting the labels as you walk through the extension. It would give good support in the understanding of features and the use of a given extension of core feature. The final translation can, after final work, be uploaded to the translation server.

Translation related channels in TYPO3 world:
Translation Team forge.typo3.org [here ...]
TYPO3 Slack
There are probably other channels in use, but these tree should be the primaries.

Translation related ressources in TYPO3 community
https://wiki.typo3.org/Support_for_XLIFF (obsolete?)
https://wiki.typo3.org/Translations (obsolete?)
https://wiki.typo3.org/Translations/Terminology_Project (obsolete?)
There are different kind of extensions aiming to support translators. Most of them are obsolete.
I think a more slim documentation based on docs.typo3.org would be a huge improvement. One door in.

Translation servers
The list is far from complete, but these are the solutions I’ve been working with. They all has pros and cons, and it would be good to do a more proper comparison.
TYPO3 uses Pootle with Translate Toolkit 1.13.0
Pootle: http://pootle.translatehouse.org/ - newest version is 2.7.6 with Translate Toolkit 2.2.4
Trasifex: https://www.transifex.com/ - used by many Open Source projects and with loads of features
CrowedIn: https://crowdin.com/ - used by many Open Source projects and with loads of features

I’m willing to put some energy into this. I have a good understanding on TYPO3, I has some server knowledge and of course; I’m a Ninja in translation into Danish :-)

Let’s talk!


Updated by Xavier Perseguers over 3 years ago

Thanks for the in-depth information.

I know that our version of Pootle is not the latest one, unfortunately I’m using the newer version on my own server and it’s not much nicer, nor more bug-free than the one we have. I really wait for the “upcoming” 1.8.0 which is currently at release candidate 7 but they take literally months (not saying years) to update it although they keep contributing on a good basis.

Regarding transifex/crowedIn, the problem, basically, is that it's just not possible to support that many extensions that we have for free (or for a very small amount of money).

I'm really waiting for upcoming Pootle 1.8, although I'm not really sure it will help having again download/upload feature. Somehow it worked in the past, I know, but they broke it and I read in some release notes that it would only be supported for PO files, not XLIFF, which is just plain non-sense. I just hope, it will (re) implemented anyway.

The other option would be to implement this part on our own with lots of warnings along the way.


Updated by Preben Rather Sørensen over 3 years ago

And thank you for an honest reply. As far as I can see, the latest stable version of Pootle server I 2.8.0. http://pootle.translatehouse.org/download.html
Or am I getting things wrong here?

Agree, the most urgent thing right now is to get a stable environment on the translation server. I can‘t see a project where we develop a translation tool our self. But there might be solutions in between. I think contributors in translation does a good job finding other ways to get translation work done, in lack of a good translation server.

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