Bug #82827

Some labels are not available for translation

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E.g. "Access" for the tab:

TYPO3 version: 8 LTS

Possible cause (?): Language file is located in a subdirectory

Reported by: Jean-Baptiste Hemmer

access.png View (162 KB) Xavier Perseguers, 2017-10-20 10:52


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Hi Xavier,

The labels added in TYPO3 8 are not available for the translation on Pootle (https://translation.typo3.org/).
As an example, you can take the label "tt_content.palette.mediaAdjustments.imagewidth" from "typo3/sysext/frontend/Resources/Private/Language/Database.xlf".
This label was added in TYPO3 8 and it is not possible to translate it (in any case french)


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Please do not force assign something to someone.

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Excuse me, anything new about this subject?

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This problem is supposed to have been fixed with #82174 and corresponding changes

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