Bug #8361

#1176475350: More than one.. when Request Handler Name is cgi-fcgi

Added by Manfred Siegmund over 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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I installed flow on a domaingo (Domainfactory) Power XL Webhosting.

Beside some restrictions on the hosters part (setenv in .htaccess is invalid and must be set inside the index.php as putenv) the installation was easy and fast with the flow3 online help.
Everything went ok, the welcome page showed up and said i should use ./flow3 functions to deactivate the Welcome package and
setup a MyPackage. (I am testing flow3 on zox-systems.net Domaingo Power XL Webhosting)

Using the Putty Terminal i can either type ./flow3 .... or sh flow3 ... means i can use the commandos and the flow3 script on the ssh terminal.
When running any flow3 commands i receive a Flow3 Exception #1176475350: More than one request handler with the same priority can handle the request, but only one handler may be active at a time!

After a couple cups of Coffee and the look in the sources (/Packages/Framework/FLOW3/Classes/MVC/CLI/RequestHandler.php line 87) i found following solution.

The return $this->utilityEnvironment->getSAPIName() === 'cli' is only valid for the web output, but triggers the exception above within the shell.
I changed following parts of /Packages/Framework/FLOW3/Classes/MVC/CLI/RequestHandler.php and the output of the Web, the shell works as expected on my Domaingo Power XL installation.

public function canHandleRequest() {
if($this->utilityEnvironment->getSAPIName() 'cgi-fcgi'){
return ($this->utilityEnvironment->getSAPIName() = 'cgi-fcgi');
#return ($this->utilityEnvironment->getSAPIName() === 'cli');

public function getPriority() {
if($this->utilityEnvironment->getSAPIName() == 'cgi-fcgi'){
return 0;
return 100;

There should be a SetEnv or other configuration flag to configure the request handler name in such cases.

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