Bug #86206

Frontend Editing broken in TYPO3 8.7

Added by Chris topher 7 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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After upgrading to TYPO3 8.7, frontend editing icons are no longer displayed on the website. This still worked correctly with TYPO3 7.6.

The feedit extension is installed. (During the upgrade to TYPO3 8.7 the FE was changed from css_styled_content to fluid_styled_content. However, the problem also exists with css_styled_content.)

The configuration of FE editing the same which it also was in TYPO3 7.6:

  • The admin panel is activated with config.admPanel = 1 in the TypoScript Template.
  • Frontend editing is configured in the BE user group:
    admPanel = 1
    admPanel {
        enable.all = 1
        enable.edit = 1
        module.edit.forceDisplayFieldIcons = 1
        module.edit.forceDisplayIcons = 1
        hide = 0

However, when the FE is opened, neither of both is shown:

  • The Admin Panel is not displayed. I could not even find it in the HTML sourcecode of the website.
  • The FE editing buttons of feedit in fact are present in the page sourcecode. However, they are hidden using this inline CSS: style="display: none;". This code is coming from FrontendEditPanel.php.

This even is not working with an admin user.

Related issues

Follows TYPO3 Core - Task #80639: Streamline Admin Panel Closed 2017-04-02


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This behaviour was introduced with #80639.

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I guess #87498 makes this a won't fix.

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