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Migration to another issue tracker

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See https://decisions.typo3.org/t/migrate-typo3-core-issues-from-forge-to-github/452

If Forge is to be kept for other projects (apart from the Core), then actually a new tag is needed for the new platform.


#1 Updated by Chris topher about 1 year ago

E.g. for GitHub: Since, unlike on Forge, issue numbers are not unique on GitHub, but are repeated for each project, owner and project name have to be part of the tag as well, e.g. <github>TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Guide-Installation/1</github>. Another option would be to allow providing a full GitHub URL inside the tag. This would be way more user-friendly.

Use the GitHub API. An example URL to get the necessary info from is https://api.github.com/repos/TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Guide-Installation/issues/1. An overview of the parameters for this API endpoint is available at https://developer.github.com/v3/issues/#list-issues-for-a-repository.

Another idea would be to additionally add another tag: E.g. <t3github> or something like that, which links to the issue in the GitHub TYPO3 CMS project. That way, actually only the issue number needs to be provided in order to use the tag.

(Only) for those issues, which are actually moved to GitHub, the old tag can be replaced by the new one. A mapping of old to new issue number would be good to have for this case. Should e.g. be possible by using wget to map the Forge issue number to the issue number of the redirect target. And the server team should have such a mapping then already. Text replacement can be done in the text and revision/logging tables directly via MySQL queries.

Addition for the Sandbox page in the wiki:

== Forge and GitHub ==
=== some test values for GitHub issues ===
* An invalid issue number:
** <github>TYPO3/TYPO3.CMS/issue/15200</github>
* Only a number:
** <github>152</github>
* <github>TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Guide-Installation/1</github>
* <github>TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Reference-CodingGuidelines/pull/20</github>
* <github>TYPO3/TYPO3.CMS/pull/152</github>
* A full URL; merged:
** <github>https://github.com/TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Reference-Typoscript/pull/163</github>
* An issue (and no Pull Request) - should not have HASPATCH in tooltip.
** <github>https://github.com/TYPO3-Documentation/TYPO3CMS-Reference-Typoscript/issues/48</github>

* Still open, so no "assigned to" 
** <github>https://github.com/kaystrobach/TYPO3.piwikintegration/issues/94</github>

=== some test values for Forge issues ===
* An invalid issue number:
** <issue> invalid stuff 981</issue>

* <issue>981</issue> (no access)
* <issue>168000</issue> (does not exist)
* <issue>3004</issue>
* <issue>7459</issue>
* <issue>10431</issue>
* <issue>86776</issue>
* <issue>25470</issue>
* <issue>3506</issue>
* <issue>7889</issue>
* <issue>23386</issue>
* <issue>13800</issue>

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