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Add option to selectively clear localization cache

Added by Michael Stopp almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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I think it would be great to have the functionality of the extension flush_language_cache as a core feature. IMHO, localization is one of the few things where changes can often occur independent of application logic. (Or alternatively, the localization cache could be added to the existing "Flush frontend caches" feature.)

Just today, I had a use case where a single label in a locallang file was changed, but clearing the global cache would also clear our custom cache tables that we have in this application, because certain operations are so costly in terms of performance, that we need this feature of the caching framework. Rebuilding the cache in these tables takes about 45 minutes and all that just for one updated label...

If a guy like Francois Suter thinks, this is a good thing to have, it might be worth considering it. ;-)
(And we wouldn't have to wait until he updates his extension for 9.5 LTS...)


#1 Updated by Georg Ringer almost 2 years ago

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Thanks for creating the issue and your use case is understandable. The way to the current solution and count of clear cache buttons was a hard one and changed very often. Having a dedicated button for language cache and one which cleats system cache which includes the language cache as well would be not understandable for many other users as well.

This is the reason why extensions exist and why there is already one. Talk to the author to support him for new release but it won't be done in core. Hope you understand.

#2 Updated by Michael Stopp almost 2 years ago

Thanks for your quick reply. I understand your point und frankly, I wasn't too hopeful for this issue. ;-)
But allow me to add two remarks:

1) How is localization NOT related to FE caching? The current button to clear the FE cache is really not very specific ("Clear frontend and page-related caches"). I'm pretty sure that "regular" users aren't sure, what that includes exactly.

2) I understand that it is a goal to keep the BE GUI simple and clean. So I can see that fewer buttons are preferable. But why can't there be advanced options to clear the cache in the install tool (or what used to be the install tool until 8.7 LTS)? Something like "Dump Autoload Information" is also a kind of cache clearing that you don't find anywhere else. Why not give advanced options to advanced users, while still keeping the BE GUI clean and simple for regular users? (I you have access to the install tool, you can be expected to know what you're doing and to understand the differences between various kinds of caches.)

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