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GDPR 2019

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Info from Karen:
What's on the agenda for 2019? I would like to clarify / create / teach:

  • Central filing of forms, where? Who should have access?
    • Information according to Article 13
    • Article 15
    • Info sheet deletion request
  • Who takes care of all AV contracts?
  • My.TYPO3 Information so ok? Can I translate into English?
  • Introduction of declarations of confidentiality for all persons involved - e.g. board, server team ...
  • Online or live data protection training for e.g. server team
  • Data Protection Training live Data Protection Awareness Workshop - Board :
    • What data breaches or issues have been tracked by data protection authorities?
    • What counts as a data breach? How the lost stick with personal data, wrongly "bagged" and delivered invoice or pay slip, cc instead of bcc even for private individuals ...
    • Website and social media - What are the data protection authorities looking at, e.g. co-responsibility? Some things are also important to steer TYPO3 development in the right direction. (More in Core, 2 Factor Authentication, ...)
    • Uniform concept for events with DSGVO - DevDays, T3con -> Legal Notice, Private Privacy, Social Media Private Privacy
  • Consideration - Social Media Private Privacy after EuGH judgement common responsibility

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Next steps:
  • Reintroduce a working group or distribute concrete action points

non-disclosure agreement_TYPO3_V2_0_en.pdf (122 KB) Olivier Dobberkau, 2019-05-14 11:03


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I have received the non-disclosure document from Karen. After review I will sent it to the Board Members.

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Karen is back from vacations.
Let's work on the Google GSuite Setup first.

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G-Suite is seet up.
Next Step: Signature of the Agreement from Board Members and Collection of the Documents.

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