Feature #9768

Idea: Connector to use fluid templates for ###MARKER### based extensions

Added by Jonas Felix over 11 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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1.) You install an oldschool extension as comments
2.) You insert the plugin and use the extension as you did it always
3.) You create your own template for the extension with fluid and not with the oldschool .html ###MARKER_BASED###
4.) The TYPO3 built in ###TEMPLATE-CLASS### recognizes the fluid template and instead of replacing markers it collects the marker and suppart data to assign it to the template:
- You get all supparts as an array containing the markers of that supparts as an array
- You get the markers as an array
- You can use them and list them within your fluid extensions
5.) You don't have to change a single line within the comments pi1 php code

- makeitfluid extension xclasses the TYPO3 Template classes, checks if it is fluid or HTML and just uses the regular templating if it's HTML
- it just tries to collect the data and parse the template as fluid if it is fluid :-)
- the extension would need some very special index to remember which subparts and markers belong to which fluid template, and it will be quite difficult to asure that the extension gets the correct HTML code in every constellation
- the makeitfluid extension does everything in the background so no extension has to be changed at all, also fluid or the core don't need any changes :-P

- Fluid puts the need to change PHP aside in moste cases!
- If you have a fluid template you can perfectly customize and exten existing extensions without any modfication to it selfe.
- You could easily load the commerce module to show a product within an mm_forum post wihtout change the PHP code of one of those extensions!!!
- A lot of oldschool extensions are great, but their templating sucks....

This is of course not something to be put directly into the FLUID extension, but it's a connector extension and maybe you are interessted in such a solution...

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