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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
39184 wt_directory Bug Accepted Should have Image max width Alex Kellner tx_wtdirectory_pi1 wt_directory - 1.5
67514 wt_directory Bug New Must have 6.2 Compatibility small issues breaks complete site Alex Kellner generally wt_directory - 1.5
9904 photocompetition Feature Accepted Could have Setting pagetitle in Detail View Alex Kellner
5113 powermail_sendpost Feature Accepted Could have Sending values via GET instead of POST Alex Kellner
5720 wt_email4download Feature Accepted Could have mediumDoc => bigDoc in Backend Module Alex Kellner
49012 powermail_optin Feature New Should have Broken mailfunction - compability with TYPO3 4.7 Alex Kellner
46863 wt_directory Bug New Should have can't modify image Link via typoscript Alex Kellner tx_wtdirectory_pi1
38312 in2facebook Feature New Should have Move all features from this extension into an own tab in the page properties Alex Kellner
10476 powermail_frontend Bug New Should have Additional view markers don't filled Alex Kellner
38314 in2facebook Feature New Should have use constant to switch between image and gifbuilder Alex Kellner
7003 wt_gallery_description Feature Needs Feedback Should have Folder Description Alex Kellner
12794 in2rss Feature New Should have additional database field needed Alex Kellner
8406 wt_dynamictarget Feature New Should have Many conditions but only one mail Alex Kellner
8085 powermail_frontend Bug New Should have userFunc user_powermailOnCurrentPage with a small bug Alex Kellner
10249 powermail_optin Bug Accepted Should have localisation and optin doesn't work Alex Kellner
8586 powermail_optin Bug Accepted Should have Email with plain text not cleaned from html tags Alex Kellner
9903 photocompetition Feature Accepted Should have Changing plugin from USER_INT to USER Alex Kellner
5840 wt_dynamictarget Bug Accepted Should have Localisation Bug in value condition Alex Kellner
8405 wt_dynamictarget Feature New Should have Add some more operators to validate values Alex Kellner
10225 wt_dynamictarget Bug New Should have Change commaseperation with something else Alex Kellner
5159 email2powermail Feature Accepted Should have Manual change: spamprotect for emails should be disabled Alex Kellner
6746 email2powermail Bug New Should have email2powermail problems Alex Kellner
6346 wt_twitter Feature Needs Feedback Should have No XHTML output of special chars Alex Kellner
3549 powermail_optin Bug Needs Feedback Should have Wrong Sender E-Mail Address for confirmation-mails Alex Kellner
5438 miniCRM Feature Accepted Should have Project sorting should be ordered by crdate DESC Alex Kellner
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