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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
67514 wt_directory Bug New Must have 6.2 Compatibility small issues breaks complete site Alex Kellner generally wt_directory - 1.5
49012 powermail_optin Feature New Should have Broken mailfunction - compability with TYPO3 4.7 Alex Kellner
46863 wt_directory Bug New Should have can't modify image Link via typoscript Alex Kellner tx_wtdirectory_pi1
39184 wt_directory Bug Accepted Should have Image max width Alex Kellner tx_wtdirectory_pi1 wt_directory - 1.5
38314 in2facebook Feature New Should have use constant to switch between image and gifbuilder Alex Kellner
38313 in2facebook Bug New Must have image for facebook does not work with https Alex Kellner
38312 in2facebook Feature New Should have Move all features from this extension into an own tab in the page properties Alex Kellner
31557 powermail_optin Bug New Must have Ambiguous optinhash values Alex Kellner
12794 in2rss Feature New Should have additional database field needed Alex Kellner
11923 email2powermail Bug New Must have Mail recipient not set correctly if field not empty Alex Kellner
11672 powermail_optin Bug New Must have Wrong locallang label used Alex Kellner
10476 powermail_frontend Bug New Should have Additional view markers don't filled Alex Kellner
10249 powermail_optin Bug Accepted Should have localisation and optin doesn't work Alex Kellner
10225 wt_dynamictarget Bug New Should have Change commaseperation with something else Alex Kellner
9904 photocompetition Feature Accepted Could have Setting pagetitle in Detail View Alex Kellner
9903 photocompetition Feature Accepted Should have Changing plugin from USER_INT to USER Alex Kellner
8586 powermail_optin Bug Accepted Should have Email with plain text not cleaned from html tags Alex Kellner
8406 wt_dynamictarget Feature New Should have Many conditions but only one mail Alex Kellner
8405 wt_dynamictarget Feature New Should have Add some more operators to validate values Alex Kellner
8404 wt_dynamictarget Bug New Must have Language problem Alex Kellner
8085 powermail_frontend Bug New Should have userFunc user_powermailOnCurrentPage with a small bug Alex Kellner
8011 powermail_frontend Feature Accepted Should have Include delete function Alex Kellner
8009 powermail_frontend Feature Accepted Must have Add function to show all records to fe_user in special "admin" usergroup Alex Kellner
7650 powermail_frontend Bug Accepted Should have Allow umlauts for search Alex Kellner
7461 wt_socialbookmarks Bug New Must have Special characters in page text description are not substituted with the right HTML code Alex Kellner
(1-25/39) Per page: 25, 50

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