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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
46063 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Implement username password provider with "remember me" persistent cookie Christopher Hlubek Security No
50191 Base Distribution Story Accepted Should have As an integrator I want an extensible way of including JavaScript and CSS Christopher Hlubek Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1
47858 TYPO3.Flow Bug Needs Feedback Should have Remove .htaccess from Composer Installer Essentials Christopher Hlubek Package TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.0.1 No
50660 TYPO3.Surf Task New Should have concept for product website Christopher Hlubek
41859 Base Distribution Task Accepted Should have Create a standard library for common string, array and date functions in EEL Christopher Hlubek
46371 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Support compilation of static information in proxy classes Christopher Hlubek No
45100 TYPO3.Flow Feature Under Review Should have RequestDispatchingAspect should check if entry point can handle current request Christopher Hlubek
27322 TYPO3.Flow Feature On Hold Should have Add support for Appserver-in-PHP, which could result in much faster executions. Christopher Hlubek No
37095 TYPO3.Fluid Feature New Should have It should be possible to set a different template on a Fluid TemplateView inside an action Christopher Hlubek No
1856 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have The Package Manager checks dependencies between packages on each activation / deactivation Christopher Hlubek Package
57245 TYPO3.TYPO3CR Bug Under Review Must have Child nodes are not deleted when a node is deleted Christopher Hlubek Node handling
44975 Base Distribution Story Accepted Must have Implement module listing for Launch Bar, and fix search Christopher Hlubek Content Editing Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1

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