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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
6180 Getting Started Bug New -- undefined -- Bugs in Getting-Started-Tutorial Robert Lemke
7 Testing Bug Under Review Should have Some core tests fail when executed in certain order Robert Lemke
47859 TYPO3.Flow Task Accepted Should have Logging: Do not log all decisions in \TYPO3\Flow\Security\Aspect\LoggingAspect Robert Lemke Security No
44203 TYPO3.Flow Bug Needs Feedback Should have Session implementation is still racy Robert Lemke Session TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.0.1 No
36800 TYPO3.Flow Task Accepted Should have Streamline Resource object API Robert Lemke Resource No
48435 Coordination Group Topic New Should have Implement new team structure Robert Lemke Organisational
48241 Base Distribution Task New Should have Create sandboxed Jenkins testing environment Robert Lemke
45408 Base Distribution Work Package Accepted Should have Frontend / Page Cache Robert Lemke General / Project Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1
3306 TYPO3.Flow Feature Accepted Should have Flush routes cache automatically on class file modifications Robert Lemke MVC
45025 Base Distribution Work Package New Should have [WIP] Create minimal publishing workflow Robert Lemke
39857 TYPO3.Media Task On Hold Should have Implement _toString functions Robert Lemke
38863 Task Accepted Should have Move FLOW3 Site to TYPO3 server infrastructure Robert Lemke Server Administration - 2012 August Release
39806 TYPO3.Neos Task Accepted Should have Refactor user management to use central domain service Robert Lemke Services Base Distribution - Sprint February 2013
34674 TYPO3.Flow Feature Accepted Should have NotFoundView is not injected in ActionController Robert Lemke MVC No
6712 TYPO3.Flow Feature Accepted Should have Implement mixin support Robert Lemke AOP
890 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Add priority for advice chains Robert Lemke AOP
26575 Conference Management Task Needs Feedback Should have change as well Robert Lemke Conference Management - Early Bird Tickets
7197 Blog App Story Accepted Should have As a blog editor I want to define my username and password when I launch the app the first time Robert Lemke
5690 Getting Started Feature Accepted Should have Getting started documentation - setting the environment variables for FCGI Robert Lemke Content / Instructions Getting Started - 1.0.0 alpha 7
2322 YAML Feature New Should have Possibility to track filename and line number of a specific configuration setting Robert Lemke
59 Testing Feature New Should have Implement MVC pattern for TestRunner Robert Lemke Testing - 1.0.0
3312 TYPO3.Flow Feature Needs Feedback Should have Allow for easy logging by annotations Robert Lemke Log
3588 TYPO3.Flow Feature Accepted Should have Support value objects in the Object Factory Robert Lemke Object
45248 Bug Accepted Must have Documentation Main Page at is broken (404) Robert Lemke Server Administration
56639 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Must have Implement "getPrivateStorageUriByResource()" for recieving (image-) file URIs Robert Lemke TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.x
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