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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
34826 cacheinfo Bug New Should have extension "purge" is suggested but not findable Actions
37384 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug Resolved Should have fields not shown Armin Vieweg Actions
64435 File List Bug Closed Should have Update script fails in 6.2 Xavier Perseguers File List - 1.1.1 Actions
46856 Bug Closed Should have tickets without authors can't be closed Steffen Gebert Support Actions
42541 Bug Closed Should have Not possible to logout from forge Steffen Gebert Actions
10523 Bug Closed Should have HTML mails are sent as plain mail Actions
1725 Bug Closed Should have Wrong error at register a project Actions
1615 Bug Closed Should have custom header color doesn't work Sebastian Kurfuerst Design Actions
1337 Bug Closed Must have Normal users shouldn't be allowed to assign bugs Development Actions
1336 Bug Closed Should have Autocomplete search missing cursor:pointer Andreas Beutel Design Actions
28994 GSoC 2011: Static File Caching Bug New Should have General issues from reading the code Actions
1195 Magento Bug New Should have Change function names api Actions
1193 Magento Bug New Should have Multilangu support FE Plugins Actions
4629 Salted user password hashes Bug Closed Must have Update-Module not very clear Marcus Krause Update Function Salted user password hashes - 0.2.12 Actions
77449 Sphinx Python Documentation Generator Bug Rejected Should have lchmod (file attributes) error: Function not implemented Actions
9272 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Must have typolink doesn't work when editing elements via workspaces Actions
8542 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Should have default linkhandler produces error Actions
6355 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Should have error with table plugin and table headers Actions
6259 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Could have set dependency to 4.2.0-4.0.0. Actions
6078 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Must have No RTE loading with negative uid Actions
5829 TinyMCE RTE Bug Rejected Should have better configuration of table plugin Actions
5702 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Should have not loading in IE Actions
1993 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Must have mount pages not possible Actions
1925 TinyMCE RTE Bug Closed Should have Link-Button not working - JS error Thomas Allmer Actions
89096 Translation Team Bug In Progress Should have Language Packs for 10 are not available Xavier Perseguers Actions
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