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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
66758CoreTaskRejectedShould haveStatically compile property accessorsCore - 7.3 (Packages)
66754CoreTaskResolvedShould haveRemove RenderingContextAwareInterface
66746CoreTaskResolvedShould haveMake Condition ViewHelpers fully compilable
66718CoreTaskResolvedShould haveMake SwitchViewHelper Compileable
63485ReStructured Text InfrastructureBugNewShould haveRendering issue on Flow documentation
59314TYPO3.TypoScriptTaskClosedShould haveConfiguring @exceptionHandler should have an effect also for nested TypoScript objectsChristian Müller
58040CoreTaskClosedShould haveProvide command line script to install TYPO3 CMSChristian Müller
56602TYPO3.FlowMajor FeatureNewShould haveHandling Of Multi Identity EntitiesPersistenceNo
55306TYPO3.FlowBugUnder ReviewShould haveFilenames should not exceed 255 charactersChristian MüllerNo
55008TYPO3.FluidBugUnder ReviewShould haveInterceptors should be used in PartialsChristian MüllerNo
54937TYPO3.NeosBugResolvedShould haveMissing "attributes" declaration in Menu defaul TSChristian Müller
54487TYPO3.EelBugResolvedShould havePrevent race conditions in EEL Expression cacheChristian Müller
54262TYPO3.TYPO3CRBugResolvedMust havePublishing nodes can lead to persistence exception
53866Base DistributionWork PackageAcceptedShould haveRelease 1.0 Important TopicsBase Distribution - 1.x
52450TYPO3.EelBugResolvedShould haveChildren operation should work for properties that cotain collectionsChristian Müller
52448TYPO3.FlowBugResolvedShould haveSerialization of objects should exclude transient propertiesChristian MüllerObjectNo
52424TYPO3.EelFeatureResolvedShould haveImplement Cache for generated EEL Expression Code
51082TYPO3.FlowBugResolvedShould haveObject Route Parts should take persistence_object_identifier into accountBastian WaidelichMVC - RoutingNo
50474TYPO3.FlowTaskResolvedShould havePhpFrontend should return original string in getChristian MüllerCacheNo
50130TYPO3 Flow Base DistributionBugNeeds FeedbackShould haveDifferent fallback for php.exe on windows
49007TYPO3 Flow Base DistributionBugResolvedShould haveFlows doctrine implementation creates too long identifiers for databases with maxIdentifierLengeth < 31Christian Müller
48951TYPO3.FlowBugResolvedShould haveDocument all needed AllowOverride settings for ApacheChristian Müller- Documentation -TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.0No
48926Coordination GroupTaskResolvedShould have"Workpackage" for Flow releaseChristian Müller
48925Coordination GroupTaskClosedShould haveWorkpackage for coordinationChristian Müller
48924Coordination GroupTopicNewShould haveFundingChristian Müller
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