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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
54443 TYPO3.TcPdf Task Resolved Should have Update composer.json to correct tcpdf vendor
54373 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Task New Should have Rename Arrays::removeEmptyElementsRecursively to removeNullElementsRecursively
53783 TYPO3.FormBuilder Feature New Should have Allow assigning a preset as default preset for the Form
52938 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Bug New Should have Resource stream wrapper doesn't work with foreign package
45507 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have In Web > List, thumbnails are displayed for Text only elements Mathias Schreiber
44386 TYPO3 Core Bug Rejected Should have tcaTree cannot handle records on pid 0 correctly FormEngine aka TCEforms TYPO3 Core - 6.0.1
43885 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have Temporary DB treemount notice missing in browser.php Backend User Interface
43849 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have sys_file_reference link exclude field doesn't work
42860 Translation Team Bug Resolved Should have Translation of extension Powermail broken Xavier Perseguers
41634 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have Allow sys_category on the root page
40397 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have When localizing a content element, relations to images are lost Steffen Ritter File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
40396 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have Moving files doesn't work File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
40132 contagged Bug New Should have Remove including all buttons for RTE
40127 contagged Bug New Could have Make multimedia an excludeField
39741 Browser: TYPO3 without PHP Bug Resolved Should have Filter of type checkbox doesn't work with 4.x engine Dirk Wildt PHP Browser: TYPO3 without PHP - 4.1.0
37967 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have YouTube videos can't be played with Media CE Content Rendering TYPO3 Core - 4.7.2
37742 T3BLOG Feature Needs Feedback Won't have this time Optimize handling of blog PID
37741 T3BLOG Bug Resolved Must have SQL error in getPostCategories (class.rss.php) Bug T3BLOG - 1.2.1
37735 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have Backend search not working for extensions
36230 TYPO3 Core Feature Closed Should have Add hooks to css_styled_content render_textpic
33650 Bug Closed Should have Option to hide issues by status in search results
33506 FE User Management Feature Resolved Should have Add support for hidden fields or enable presets by TypoScript Bernhard Baumgartl, datamints GmbH
33500 Easylogin with OpenID, OAuth, etc. Bug Resolved Should have PHP 5.3: "Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated" Markus Kappe
33498 Easylogin with OpenID, OAuth, etc. Task Resolved Should have Split file class.tx_dixeasylogin_pi1.php into one file per class Markus Kappe
33346 Bug Closed Should have Mantis: Link wrapps all issue notes
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