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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
5008 irfaq - Modern FAQ Bug New Should have Selecting no categories but Category mode "Show items with selected categories" causes TYPO3 Error
7486 T3BLOG Bug New Should have Backend shortcuts to T3BLOG module not visible for non-admin users
7840 Filelinks DAM usage Feature New Could have Possibility to select DAM categories and folders
12636 Page Comments Bug New Should have Calls to deprecated eregi and ereg_replace
52938 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Bug New Should have Resource stream wrapper doesn't work with foreign package
53783 TYPO3.FormBuilder Feature New Should have Allow assigning a preset as default preset for the Form
54373 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Task New Should have Rename Arrays::removeEmptyElementsRecursively to removeNullElementsRecursively
82750 TYPO3 Core Bug New Should have Workspace preview doesn't preview MM relations properly Workspaces
5609 TYPO3 Core Feature New Should have Adding multiple content type to clipboard doesn't work - no error Backend User Interface TYPO3 Core - Candidate for Major Version
13034 Ajax mail subscription Feature New Should have On-screen confirmation of deleting address Robert Heel
63951 A-Z Keyword List Bug Accepted Must have Raise PHP dependency to at least 5.5 Andreas Beutel
27606 TYPO3 Core Feature Accepted Should have Rebrush un-do / history view Jens Hoffmann Backend User Interface
37742 T3BLOG Feature Needs Feedback Won't have this time Optimize handling of blog PID
30814 T3BLOG Bug Needs Feedback Should have Remove required option from category Felix Nagel
13036 Ajax mail subscription Feature On Hold Should have Better content structure and labels for the standard template Robert Heel
7493 T3BLOG Feature Resolved Should have Make [-]/[+] toggle configurable
12865 T3 jQuery Bug Resolved Should have Little typo in ext_conf_template.txt
31071 T3BLOG Bug Resolved Should have Update Manual: Static template from pagebrowse
31075 T3BLOG Bug Resolved Should have Cleanup: Mootools still present but not used anymore
54443 TYPO3.TcPdf Task Resolved Should have Update composer.json to correct tcpdf vendor
62107 HTML5 Video Player Bug Resolved Should have Make switchableControllerActions an exclude field
62108 HTML5 Video Player Task Resolved Should have Make non-required fields of a video exclude fields
62109 HTML5 Video Player Task Resolved Should have Remove unused field ttcontent in video
62110 HTML5 Video Player Task Resolved Should have Improve wording of option "skiptHtmlHeaderInformation"
62131 HTML5 Video Player Bug Resolved Should have defaultUploadFolder in VimeoProcessDatamap not configurable
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