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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
65815 TYPO3 Core Epic New Should have Improve Indexed search indexer Indexed Search Actions
78642 TYPO3 Core Story New Should have Improve t3_origuid handling Localization Actions
45394 TYPO3.Fluid Task New Should have Forwardport Unit test for standalone view View No Actions
78643 TYPO3 Core Bug New Should have workspace operations are setting t3_origuid but shouldn't Workspaces Actions
10699 Comments Backend Module Feature Accepted Must have Selecting all comments in list Raphael Zschorsch Actions
7541 LO T3Blog template-based Bug Accepted Must have Hardcoded strings in blogList.txt , should be moved to locallang.xml Actions
37261 Simple booking extension Bug Accepted Should have Bug in manual - dateFormat Actions
37260 Simple booking extension Bug Accepted Should have Multiple undefined variables and arrays in class tx_abbooking_div Actions
37258 Simple booking extension Bug Accepted Should have suggested extension date2cal is obsolete Actions
78258 TYPO3 Core Bug Accepted Should have List view CSV export goes out of memory Performance Actions
85766 Bug In Progress Should have redirect back to issue when logging in from the issue single view Bastian Bringenberg Actions
81257 Static redirects Bug Needs Feedback Should have There should not be an access check for admin users. Actions
75369 Sphinx Python Documentation Generator Bug On Hold Should have Sphinx doesn't render table .. t3-field-list-table:: Actions
89968 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug Resolved Should have ContentElementGenerator\CacheManager should respect fileCreateMask and folderCreateMask Actions
76791 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug Resolved Should have Missing bracket in Page TS config - pull request ready Actions
51843 FluidBackporter Feature Resolved Should have Add Fluid V2 compatibility layer Tymoteusz Motylewski Actions
44676 FluidBackporter Bug Resolved Should have Synch fluid backporter with TYPO3 CMS 6.0 and Flow 1.1 Tymoteusz Motylewski Actions
39154 FluidBackporter Bug Resolved Should have use interface for RenderingContext instead of concrete class Actions
85765 Task Resolved Should have Redirect main domain to the core issue tracker Steffen Gebert Actions
5495 kb_imageedit Bug Resolved Should have Problem with DAM integration Franz Holzinger Actions
27986 Tweet and Like button tt_news Bug Resolved Must have Facebook like not working - wrong parameter showFaces Actions
57992 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Task Resolved Should have Make package HHVM compatible - failing getPackageReturnsTheSpecifiedPackage test Actions
56409 TYPO3.Flow Bug Resolved Should have Interface incompatibility - PackageManager No Actions
44710 TYPO3.Fluid Bug Resolved Should have [CGL] Fix some cgl issues spotted during backporting No Actions
44706 TYPO3.Fluid Task Resolved Should have [CGL] small cgl issues in AbstractViewHelper No Actions
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