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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
72930 TYPO3 Core Bug Needs Feedback Should have GraphicalFunctions/GifBuilder vs. Files without Extension File Abstraction Layer (FAL)
72254 TYPO3 Core Task Rejected Should have Throw sql exceptions with sql error number
72001 TYPO3 Core Task Rejected Should have Extbase Alpha State Mathias Schreiber
71684 TYPO3 Core Task Closed Should have Logging Concepts
60753 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Should have ArrayConverter with same priority Bastian Waidelich
60752 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Should have Validation for objects by __type converted Interface not invoked
60747 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Should have JS NumberRangeValidator does not work as expected
59839 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Should have Site Export skips empty contentcollection
59795 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Should have Publishing throws exception
59674 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed -- undefined -- Production Mode does not resolve current domain
59452 TYPO3.Neos Bug Resolved Should have HTML Panel isnt getting closed on page change
59404 TYPO3.Flow Bug Resolved Must have Sub-Requests losing arguments Carsten Bleicker MVC TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.x No
59244 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Message or Container needs context No
59013 TYPO3.Flow Bug Closed Should have SystemLogger does not log additional arguments Bastian Waidelich Log No
58996 TYPO3.Flow Bug New Should have ResourceManager adding to persistence No
58983 TYPO3.Fluid Bug New Should have does not respect linebreaks and throws exception No
58976 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Bug New Should have debug_backtrace
58972 TYPO3.Fluid Bug Closed Should have DateViewHelper property "forceLocale" not passed as boolean Bastian Waidelich ViewHelpers No
58939 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Should have Redirecting from Plugin action to another and try to use debug in target action leads to white page
58917 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Should have Pluginviews and properties
58800 TYPO3 Core Task Closed Should have Wrong error message if local extension installation is disabled
58733 TYPO3.Neos Bug Closed Must have Caseinsensitive Login Daniel Lienert
58613 TYPO3.Neos Task Closed Should have Naming of ContentElementWrapper and InlineEditableWrapper
58558 TYPO3.Neos Feature Resolved Should have Pagetree does not keep my current state of open/closed nodes Base Distribution - 1.x
58501 TYPO3.Neos Feature Closed Should have Allow selecting multiple nodes Base Distribution - 1.x
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