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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
56953 TYPO3 Core Feature Closed Must have custom locallang.xml Extbase TYPO3 Core - 9.0 Actions
85440 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have UI: Scan extension files: Misleading Button-text Install Tool TYPO3 Core - 9.4 Actions
92508 TYPO3 Core Bug New Should have hook filterMenuPages never has access to config Actions
87084 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Could have Typo in InstallTool -> check for broken Extensions Actions
85212 Sitepackage Bug New Should have TER representation broken Actions
81983 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have JStop() in FormResultCompiler handles Stylesheets but not JavaScript Actions
75276 TYPO3 Media Gallery Bug New Should have $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS'][GFX][im_noScaleUp] is ignored Actions
75275 TYPO3 Media Gallery Feature New Should have Filter of unsupported files Actions
75274 TYPO3 Media Gallery Task New Should have Compatibility for 6.2 Actions
70809 Sphinx Python Documentation Generator Bug Needs Feedback Should have Rebuilding on Windows 7 fails Actions
66292 Sphinx Python Documentation Generator Bug Closed Should have Cannot render with LaTeX on Windows Actions
61494 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have LegacyClassesForIde not loaded? Actions
61359 Faceted Search Bug Closed Should have Remove pi_base Actions
61358 Faceted Search Bug Closed Must have No results when logged in in Backend Actions
60006 TYPO3 Core Bug Rejected Must have flooding of MySQL-Log Actions
57106 FAL Remote Processing Bug New Must have required file not found (t3lib_file_Storage) Actions
29125 AOPBrowser Task New Must have The Project Homepage doesn't work Actions
23507 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have IRRE: Connecting data is only possible with new data Actions
21926 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have t3lib_befunc::getFlexFormDS fails because of wrong inquiries Actions
21892 TYPO3 Core Feature Closed Should have Substitution of default markers is not available as single function Actions
21046 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have browse_links.php?mode=file : Disabling of Thumbnails is not possible Actions
21043 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have itemsProcFunc for Radio-Buttons doesn't work correctly Actions
20893 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have function sql($db,$query) should be wrapper only because it's an alias for sql_query Actions
20891 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have t3lib_db::exec_... - functions use direct mysql-commands Actions
20890 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have unused parameter for t3lib_db::fullQuoteStr() and fullQuoteArray() Actions
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