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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
4182 TYPO3 Recycler Bug Resolved Should have Recycler icon TYPO3 Recycler - TYPO3 4.3 beta Actions
4287 TYPO3.Fluid Bug Resolved Must have Missing reference in ext_autoload.php Actions
4305 MVC + ExtJS Feature Rejected Should have Add support for FirePHP Xavier Perseguers Actions
4366 MVC + ExtJS Feature Resolved Must have Add support for FlashMessages Xavier Perseguers Actions
4373 Extended Links Bug New Could have Check all regular expressions to make them non-greedy Actions
5022 External Providers for Direct Mail Feature Closed Should have List all available user functions Xavier Perseguers Actions
5097 TYPO3 Core Task Closed Should have Function menu cannot be handled as with scbase for BE modules Extbase Actions
5098 TYPO3 Core Feature Closed Should have Add support for t3lib_extMgm::insertModuleFunction Extbase Actions
5641 Webservices for TYPO3 Bug Resolved Must have Password is stored as md5 in database Helmut Hummel typo3_webservice Actions
5852 File List Task Closed Must have Move database fields to a FlexForm configuration Xavier Perseguers Actions
5853 File List Feature Closed Should have Create Update wizard to move database configuration data into FlexForm Actions
5854 File List Bug Closed Must have Cannot go one level up when in a sub-subdirectory Actions
5855 File List Feature Closed Should have Add link to go to parent directory on the folder icon Xavier Perseguers Actions
6040 MVC + ExtJS Bug New Must have PictureSlideShow does not work anymore Actions
6063 File List Feature Closed Should have Breadcrumb menu Xavier Perseguers File List - 2.0.0 Actions
6161 register4cal Bug Resolved Should have Fatal error: Class 't3lib_error_Exception' not found in /path/to/register4cal/classes/class.tx_register4cal_render.php on line 116 Thomas Ernst register4cal - Version 0.5.0 Actions
6190 Extended Links Feature Closed Should have Allow externally linked files to get a filetype icon too Actions
6947 File List Feature Rejected Won't have this time Skin/template selector Xavier Perseguers Actions
7892 MVC + ExtJS Feature New Should have Enhance loading of ExtJS for non-cached actions Actions
8124 News RSS Importer Bug Resolved Must have User mapping is not taken into account Xavier Perseguers Actions
8816 External Providers for Direct Mail Bug Closed Should have Module statistics does not return the list of emails for returned mails Xavier Perseguers Actions
8939 TYPO3.Fluid Bug Rejected Should have does not handle TYPO3/UNIX timestamps Bastian Waidelich ViewHelpers Actions
9244 TYPO3.Fluid Feature Resolved Should have Add support for subproperty and __toString() in GroupedForViewHelper Jochen Rau ViewHelpers Yes Actions
10252 Resize images automatically Feature Closed Should have Allow resizing to be deactivated with a rule Xavier Perseguers Resize images automatically - 1.0.0 Actions
10374 Mantis Connector Feature New Should have Add support to retrieve the list of issues of a project Actions
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