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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
27312 GSoC 2011: Static File Caching Task Closed Should have Install extdeveval extension Ryan Graham Actions
13349 Front End User Registration Bug Resolved Should have Checkbox is set to "0" if not checked Stanislas Rolland No Actions
657 Feature Closed Could have Show changes of SVN revision directly Actions
2194 Feature Closed Should have List subprojects on the fourth level in the menu Actions
25921 Feature Closed Should have Add "product version" to Core issue tracker Actions
25939 Bug Closed Should have The representation of "all revisions" cannot be reduced to a particular Git branch Actions
28200 Bug Closed Should have Remove spaces in main navigation (start, v4, v5, ...) Actions
28203 Bug Closed Should have Remove spaces in main navigation (start, v4, v5, ...) Actions
28204 Bug Closed Should have Modify CSS of main navigation links Actions
30998 Bug Closed Should have New Projects have all modules enabled Steffen Gebert Actions
32839 Bug Closed Must have Repository view does not work anymore Server Administration Actions
43350 Bug Closed Should have TYPO3 4.x and 5.x mentioned on registering project Steffen Gebert Server Administration Actions
88114 Task Rejected Won't have this time All team members to see private issues Bastian Bringenberg Support Actions
45419 Editorial Team Bug Resolved Should have Add link to T3CON13 North America (US) Actions
45533 Editorial Team Task Resolved Should have Proofread and publish Extbase Code Sprint Article Boris Hinzer Actions
49452 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Feature Resolved Should have Add basic file abstraction layer configuration Actions
53524 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug Closed Should have Missing slash in backend image preview Actions
43298 Design Team Task Closed Should have New graphics for TYPO3 CMS roadmap Ben van 't Ende Actions
3193 Cache Management Extension Bug Resolved Must have Cache Management does not work with caching framework introduced in TYPO3 4.3 Michael Klapper Actions
30396 Accessibility Project Bug Resolved Should have uses width instead of max-width Actions
30399 Accessibility Project Bug Rejected Should have Nested heading in header tag Patrick Broens Actions
30404 Accessibility Project Feature Resolved Should have Integrate multiple Boilerplate HTML tags Patrick Broens Actions
31609 Accessibility Project Feature Resolved Should have css_styled_content: Icon annotation should be represented in markup Oliver Hader Actions
31004 Accessibility Glossary Task Resolved Should have Modify static TypoScript Oliver Hader Actions
31006 Accessibility Glossary Bug Closed Should have Link is not shown in overview of all glossary elements Ronny Vorpahl Actions
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