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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
64057 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have Checkbox viewhelper checked attribute not set for objects Mathias Brodala Fluid TYPO3 Core - 7.2 (Frontend)
63973 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have Deleted scheduler task groups selectable Mathias Brodala scheduler TYPO3 Core - next-patchlevel
63924 cooluri Bug New Must have Language in links to default language ignored (L=0) Mathias Brodala cooluri
62553 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have Exception when accessing empty ObjectStorage property via numeric index Mathias Brodala Extbase TYPO3 Core - next-patchlevel
61529 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have Cannot ensure checkbox for multiple values Mathias Brodala Fluid TYPO3 Core - next-patchlevel
60381 TYPO3 Core Bug New Must have Local object configuration ignored in CLI context Mathias Brodala Extbase
60296 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have Task executor ignores full framework configuration Mathias Brodala TYPO3 Core - next-patchlevel
56653 Multi-channel contexts Bug Closed Must have Cannot register contexts before extension is processed Mathias Brodala Contexts base
56177 TYPO3 Core Task Closed Must have Windows issues with long CSV file name from commit 2db3d30 Oliver Hader Tests TYPO3 Core - 6.2.0
84580 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Could have "Stop page tree" icon/label unclear Steffen Dietrich Pagetree TYPO3 Core - Candidate for patchlevel
68410 Translation Team Bug Resolved Must have Unhandled Exception after changing user language Xavier Perseguers Translation Team - Translation Server v2.0
84369 TYPO3 Core Task Closed Should have Use ServerRequestInterface in UserSettingsController Łukasz Uznański TYPO3 Core - 9 LTS
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