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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
56521 Server Team Bug Closed Should have shows up in search engines Peter Niederlag
55981 tt_news Bug Resolved Must have TYPO3-EXT-SA-2014-003
9444 TYPO3.Fluid Bug Closed Should have All Link_ActionViewHelper and Link_PageViewHelper should return no a-tag when linking to a hidden or non-existant page Sebastian Kurfuerst
43740 - Vagrant Feature Closed Should have Xdebug on t3o-web
56988 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have IE8 Users can't login to backend Nicole Cordes Backend User Interface TYPO3 Core - next-patchlevel
48984 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have cache tags table has orphaned records for Typo3DatabaseBackend Caching TYPO3 Core - next-patchlevel
25060 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have config.debug = 1 triggers Quirks Mode in IE-Browser Communication
40855 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have stdWrap of special.value in HMENU is applied twice Content Rendering
32596 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have EM: ambiguous XClass naming tx_em_Connection_ExtDirectServer Steffen Gebert Extension Manager TYPO3 Core - 4.5.10
59277 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have Warning "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in SearchController Indexed Search
59355 TYPO3 Core Feature Rejected Should have make trustedHostsPattern use sys_domain records Install Tool TYPO3 Core - next-patchlevel
56271 TYPO3 Core Bug Rejected Should have SqlSchemaMigrationService getUpdateSuggestions creates invalid MySql statements Install Tool
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